About Sonya Contino - Fine Art

Welcome fellow artists and art lovers to my humble website here at Sonya's Silly Studio.

As an artist in this modern world of excess i strive to strip down and create art that
take you back to a time when you were as playful as a child, bright and open. My work includes a focus on animal life of the planet as it is precious to me and wondrous as the day i first touched a snails eye and it rolled back into his slimy shell.
Before i begin projects i usually brainstorm up some sort of outline in a sketchbook roughly for about 30 min at most or compile images and colors i might want to incorporate. Perhaps i go into Photoshop or illustrator and play with textures images ect. Then the fun begins! Music is a real inspiration to me while i am painting, it is the key to me painting for hours or a few minutes; some days the mood is sublime with creativity. I love those days.

Perhaps my spark of imagination can light the fire in others and remind them of their own passions and capable hands.  I hope you take interest in my work here and perhaps it can inspire you daily from the comfort of your own home.

Much gratitude and safe travels until we meet again,

Sonya Contino

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." - Joseph Campbell