Zesty NOLA... Queue Deep Breath

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Moving Up and NOLA on the Horizon

I have so many plans for the next few years!

Past 6 Month Update & New Pet Portraits!



Winter is Coming...! Loaded Joes Exhibit for November!

Happy Fall All!

Hope everything in your universe is buzzing with the energy of autumn, the crisp mornings, the crunchy leaves and the pumpkin spice everything are back! Can't wait to have a few days off to relax and read with some tea by a fire.. or maybe give in and play a video game!

I have got a whole list of things to update you on so let's begin!

~Loaded Joes November Exhibit~

Summer Showing at Crazy Mountain Brewery!!

Good Morning/Afternoon to all of you beautiful souls out there who are tuned in and turned on in this great hot summer that has finally hit us here in the rockies!! Thats right people it finally hit mid 80s for the first time here in Gypsum Colorado! Ahhhhhh I can relax into the warmth and sunshine and my seedlings can finally get some outdoor action. To say the least this Cali girl misses her sun when its gone from September to the end of May.

Turning Wheels on the Floral Panels

I have begun the floral panels, tulip first :)


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Winter Update

Phew! What can I say dollfaces? It has been a buuuuusay few weeks with some needed changes to get me shaken up and perhaps grumpier than I have right to be at moments, lol. I suppose I shall start with a list:

1. My brother Frank Frost moved here to Colorado to live with Derek and I!

2. We moved into a new apartment (with power and everything!)

3. Moving right along with prep for my first ever art showing in a public place ala Red Canyon Cafe in Eagle!

4. Have actually kept to my goal of going to the gym or yoga 3-4 times a week for over a month!

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